Nantucket Island Ferry Schedule

Nantucket Island is considered one of the best destinations for summer holidays. From the moment you arrive in this area, you will feel your pulse slowing down for you to adjust to island living at a relaxed pace. A trip to this place, even if it’s just one visit, can turn you into a real islander. You can reach Nantucket by ferry from Hyannis and Woods Hole or by plane from Boston and various other airports in New England. Read on below to know what it’s like to travel on a Nantucket ferry.

First, let’s take a look at the island itself:

Nantucket Island was the world’s whaling capital at one time, but now it’s a magnet for anyone who wants to escape to a holiday spot that is filled with pristine beaches, natural beauty, a lot of history and scenic walks. The island hub is the town with historic buildings, cobble streets, museums, lodgings, restaurants and a picturesque harbor. You can find almost everything that you need to enjoy your time on this charming island.

Even though the island is small in size, it has ten beautiful beaches, three historical lighthouses, seven bike paths, four top-class golf courses, long hiking trails and a wildlife refuge. There are no large noisy crowds, shopping or theme parks like what you will find on the mainland. The weather is quite temperate with sea breeze providing air-condition during the summer, as well as the Gulf Stream which keeps the winters mild. Nantucket town is somewhat old fashioned and traditional in its tastes, but you will have lots to see and do.

If you are looking for a destination in New England to enjoy a relaxing vacation, you should make your reservation for Nantucket Island. You will be in an area that is surrounded by the ocean with white sand, great food, and much more.

Nantucket Island

About Nantucket Ferry Service Information

The Island of Nantucket is more than twenty-five miles off Cape Cod coast, but it is still relatively easy for you to get there. Many visitors travel on the ferry from Hyannis to get to the island. Hyannis can be found in the middle of Cape Cod and it’s the transportation hub of the region. It is roughly thirty minutes in driving distance from the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges, running from Cape Cod Canal to connect to the mainland. When making your travel plans, you should know that traffic can be a problem for the Cape throughout the peak summer season, mostly in July and August.

Several companies are now offering ferry service to the island and they are available from three ports. Ensure that you check out the options to see which one is best suited for your overall travel plans. A car ferry service is available all year round from Hyannis. You can make your reservations in advance if you are bringing a car to the island in the peak season. In addition to that, there is passenger ferry service all year from Hyannis, as well as a seasonal passenger service from Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard and Harwichport.

In recent years, the high speed ferries were introduced to reduce the boat ride to around one hour. They provide first class service and takes bicycles and luggage, but not motor vehicles. You can check out the Grey Lady, which is the third generation of high-speed catamaran in Hy-Line Cruises if you want to ride on the slower ferries. They provide service year-round.

There are slow ferries available if you want to enjoy a long and relaxing boat ride for about two hours and fifteen minutes. The Steamship Authority Eagle and the Motor Vessel Nantucket carry motor vehicles. Bear in mind that you have to make reservations months in advance when traveling with an auto. They combine services during the peak season to make 12 trips daily from Hyannis to Nantucket.

Ferry schedule from Hyannis to Nantucket:

The high speed ferry travels six times daily during peak season from 6:30am to 8:45pm. There is the traditional ferry that travels three times daily from 9:20am to 6:20pm.

Also during peak season, the traditional Nantucket ferry offers multiple daily trips from 7:15am to 8pm, while the high speed one sails 8am to 7:15pm.

There is a Nantucket Island ferry that is offering three sailings every day from June 30 to late August with fewer ones in early June & September.

Full schedule for Hy-Line Cruises (High speed ferry – Grey Lady): May 14 – Oct 13, 2014:

Nantucket ferry schedule

Currently rates (Hy-Line Cruises):

ferry rates1

For more information about ferry from Steamship Authority call508-477-8600 and for Hy-Line Cruises call800-492-8082

Nantucket ferry services definitely help to make it a lot easier for persons to travel to the island of Nantucket all year round. You can enjoy this ride, whether you are carrying pets, luggage or autos. They offer a comfortable, convenient and affordable way for you to travel for the weekend, a week-long holiday or just a day trip. Many different options are available for visitors and vacationers.